Free Access to Children’s Books

This summer your children can enjoy access to free e-books (with accompanying audio!) through the Get Georgia Reading Campaign’s partnership with myON.Get Georgia Reading

These incredible books are FREE to access now
through August 31st, by following the steps below:

Get Georgia Reading

You can read more about the program here.

Get Georgia Reading will be tracking books read by map, so let’s light up Dade and Walker counties! Check out this free resource today!

ABC Mouse now available for in-library use

We are very pleased to announce that the Cherokee Regional Library is now offering for Libraries in all of our branches.

Winner of numerous awards from national education, parent, and media organizations, offers a highly engaging, expert-designed curriculum for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, and beyond. With more than 3,500 individual learning activities, 450 lessons, and more than 300 online books, for Libraries encompasses reading and language arts, math, science, social studies, art, and music, to help children build a strong foundation for academic success. for Libraries offers a safe, Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)-compliant, 100 percent educational environment for children, with no advertising or links to external websites. Parents also can create a personal account at the library to enable their children to customize their experiences and save their progress on the Step-by-Step Learning Path™.

Stop by the library today to start up your very own account!

New SAT Materials available in Learning Express Library

The new SAT test will be administered this month, and LearningExpress Library now includes updated content to help students prepare with 16 new practice tests and 5 test preparation tutorials. An “Introduction to the 2016 SAT” tutorial will be added soon. New ACT and AP practice tests have also been added. These test prep tools are available in the College Preparation Center in LearningExpress.

LearningExpress Library includes test prep and practice tools for the GED, college exams (e.g., MCAT, GRE, MAT.), occupation exams (e.g., dental assistant, CDL, pharmacy tech), and K-12 exams. It also includes online courses in computer skills and applications, including Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop, and Microsoft Office products.

Job and Career Accelerator, one of LEL’s centers, includes career exploration, a resume builder, job search tools, and other features to help with the job search and career advancement. Users can create an account to store and manage test preparation, online courses, resumes, and job applications in one place, accessible from any computer or mobile device.

Tip: Job seekers who complete one of the online courses in LearningExpress can add both the new skill and the completed professional education course to their resumes.

March Staff Picks

Martha’s Pick

Surrender Bay by Denise Hunter

A book cover. A woman bends down to pick something from the ground. A man walking on the beach in the background.

This is a sweet romance story set by the sea. My favorite part of this book was the love Landon had for Samantha. He supported her even when she pushed him away. She had a bad life; her mom left her with her stepdad and he was mean to her but their love gives the book a very happy ending. A fun, happy read for fans of the genre!


Debbie’s Pick

Mason Jar Gifts by Marie Browning

Mason Jar GiftsA fun gift idea, crafty, recycle, recipe filled book!  This book has it all!  I love the beautiful full color pictures and easy to follow directions.  There are so many great ideas it will take me a long time to try them all.  Okay, so maybe I won’t try them all, but I will be making a lot of these fun mason jar gifts.  Check this book out! I think you will love it

Leesy’s Pick

Red Rising by Pierce BrownRed Rising

Red Rising is the first book in a trilling trilogy by Pierce Brown, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. This dystopian book focuses on the struggle between the class system on Mars, and the hurdles the brokenhearted Darrow with overcome in order to avenge his people the reds, which are the lowest class, and his lost love. Darrow will have to surgically change his identity and enhance his knowledge in order to infiltrate the most elite military school as a member of the gold class, the very people his despises, to spy for the cause of the growing rebellion. The lovable characters, the use of mythology, and the setting in which the story takes place are all incredibly captivation. I enjoyed this book so immensely that I had trouble putting down the book for any reason.

Chelsea’s Pick

All In by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

All InThis is the most recent book in “The Natural” series. You’ll definitely want to start from the beginning, but you don’t have to. Each book is it’s own mystery solved. This is a fun quick mystery that revolves around a group of teens who, for different reasons, have natural affinities towards profiling, lie-detecting and reading emotions. A definite must-read for adults and teens looking for a good murder mystery.


Tim’s Pick

Batman vs. Superman: The Greatest Battles

batman vs. supermanOn Friday, March 25th, comic book fans around the world will welcome the much anticipated release of the movie “Batman vs. Superman”, a film that will herald the launch of a long-awaited series of films based on beloved DC Comic characters such as Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, The Justice League, and – oh yeah – and not to mention the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel. And as the title of the movie suggests, the long debated question continues to be “Who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman?”

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Friends of the Rossville Public Library Membership Drive

2016 Friends Membership Drive Flyer # 3

The Friends of the Rossville Library is a group that exists to support the library both in programming and operations.  The Friends feel the library is a valuable resource and lobby the community and elected officials about the importance of Libraries.  The Friends also provide the funds in part for the Summer Reading Club for the children and also help the library purchase books, audios, DVDs, supplies and other materials that aren’t covered in the library budget.

If you would like more information on the Friends of the Rossville Public Library or how you can join please email or call the library at (706) 866-1368