Using the Address Book

The address book is a place where you can store e-mail addresses so you do not have to type them in or memorize them.  If you have the e-mail address of a friend and would like to put it in the address book, do the following:

  1. Click the Addresses tab at the top of the Hotmail window.

  2. You will go to the address book, which is divided into two sections:  Individuals and Groups.  We are going to create an individual entry in the address book.  Click the Create button to the far left of the word Individual. 

  3. A blank address form appears.  The only two required boxes are the nickname and e-mail address boxes.  You may leave the others blank if you do not wish to put in that information.

  4. Click in the Nickname text box and type the first name or nickname of the person.

  5. Click in the e-mail address text box and type the person's e-mail address.

  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen (skip all the other text boxes) and click OK.

  7. The name of the person will now appear in the address book.  Click the name of the person.  You will go to the compose window and the address will already be filled out.  You never have to type it again!

  8. Type a message to your friend and click Send at the bottom of the window.

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