Using CC and BCC

There are three address boxes you may use in Hotmail.  Up to this point, we have been using only the To: box.  The To: box is for address of the main recipient of your e-mail.  It must be filled out in order for an e-mail to be sent.  The CC: and BCC: boxes are for addresses of additional recipients of your e-mail message.

The CC: box is for "courtesy copy" messages.  You put additional recipients in this address box.

The BCC: box is for "blind courtesy copy" messages.  If you have additional recipients but would prefer to hide their names from the other recipients, use this box.

  1. To see how this works we are going to send a message to ourselves and put other members in the CC: and BCC: address boxes.  Click the Compose tab.

  2. Click in the To: box and type in your own e-mail address.

  3. Click in the Subject: box and type in a subject.

  4. Click in the CC: box and type in a friend's address.

  5. Click in the BCC: box and type in the name of two friend's addresses.  Separate addresses with a comma.  For example,,

  6. Type a short message in the large text box and click Send.

  7. Check for new mail in the Inbox and notice that you will be able to see whom you sent the CC: to but not whom you sent the BCC: to.

NOTE:  You can also use the BCC: to hide long distribution lists.  This is done by typing your own e-mail address in the To: box and the long list of recipients in the BCC: box.  This way the recipients will not have to scroll through a long list of recipients to see the message.

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