Composing a Message

In this exercise you will be e-mailing someone.

  1. Click the Compose button on the tab next to the Inbox tab to begin composing a new message.

  2. Put the main recipient's address in the To: box.  Every e-mail message should have at least one entry in this box.

  3. Although the subject is an optional field, it is a good idea to enter one.  Your recipients may receive many pieces of e-mail, maybe even many just from you alone.  The subject helps identify which message is which.  Type a subject of your choice in the subject box.

  4. Skip the CC: and BCC: boxes; we'll use these in a later exercise.

  5. Click in the large box at the bottom of the window and type in your message.

  6. Click SEND to send the message. (NOTE:  If you get a message from the MAILER DAEMON, you may have typed the address incorrectly.  Check the address and try to send the message again.

  7. If the message is sent correctly, a message appears indicating that your message was sent.  Click OK.

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