Replying to a Message

After sending a message, you will be at a Web page called Centerpoint at Hotmail.  You are still logged on to your e-mail, but the screen will look different.

  1. Click Inbox on the tab at the top of your screen to go back to your Inbox.

  2. Click the blue underlined part of the message in which you wish to reply.

  3. At the top will be the header portion of the message.  This tells you who sent you the message, the subject of the message, and when they sent it.  Use the scroll bar on the right side of the window to scroll down and read the message text.

  4. Click the Reply button to answer the message.  You will be sent to the Compose window, but the address and subject will already be filled out for you!

  5. Scroll down and click in the large text box to type your message.  Notice that the message they sent you will already be in the box.  As you type, that message will move down.  Type your message.

  6.  Scroll down to the bottom of the window and click Send to send the message.

  7. Click OK at the message confirmation message.  You will be sent back to the message you were reading.

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