Using Folders

Folders are a way of organizing your messages for storage.  If you would like to organize your message, do the following:

  1. Click the Show Folders button on the left side of the Hotmail window.  (Folders may already be showing.  You should have four already there).  The Inbox folder is where your incoming mail is sent.  Sent messages is where the messages you send are stored if you choose that option.  The Drafts folder is where mail you are not finished writing can be stored if you click Save Draft when you are in the middle of the message.  The Trash Can folder is where you can retrieve deleted messages if you make a mistake in deleting one.  NOTE: Hotmail staff cleans out your trash can twice a day.

  2. To create a new folder Click Create Folder.

  3. Click in the New Folder Name text box and type Funniest Mail (or a folder name of your own choosing.)

  4. Click OK.

  5. Click the name of your new folder to go to this folder.  It should say "There are no messages in this folder."

  6. Now we are going to move messages into our new folder.

  7. Click on the Inbox tab.

  8. Notice the checkbox next to each of the messages.  Click in the checkbox of two messages you find the funniest (or whichever messages you would like to move).  Select a folder location from the drop-down combo box to the right of the Put in Folder button (use the downward-pointing arrow to view folders).  Clicking on this folder will automatically move the message.  Hotmail will tell you the messages have been moved successfully.

  9. Click on the Folder to see the list of messages in that folder.

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